Friday, June 6, 2008


I don't remember how many drama I watched during this holiday. I remembered watching one japanese drama per day but I ended up don't remember the name of the dramas at all. Yeah, I have poor memory power nowadays.

Note: click on the picture to read the synopsis and watch the drama.

Himitsu no Hanazano

Kimi wa Petto

"You can stay if you become my pet." Yes, the guy (Matsumoto Jun) agree to become the pet of a journalist. She names him Momo.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
This drama is similar to Freaky Friday(by Lindsay Lohan). But, this is much better as the daddy swaped lives with the daughter. (It's not easy for a old man like him to act like a teenage girl lah and he manage to do it.)

Abarenbo Mama
This is interesting. Ueto Aya(the main cast) acted in Attention Please. She's 22-years-old and married to Tetsu, a divorced beautitian. They are visited by a 5-years-old boy, Yuki(who claim himself as Tetsu's son) after they start their new life. The tomboy-ish mother have to learn how to take care of the little boy. It's interesting because the little boy give the mother a hard time. Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi)
This is a must-watch-drama !!!

Izawa Riko is a temp worker in search of a boyfriend, and she ends up in possession of a "robot" known as Night Tenjo, who is programmed to be the perfect boyfriend. Night Tenjo is hot ! awww..I want a Zettai Kareshi too.
Hana Yori Dango

This is the japanese version of Meteor Garden. This is much better than the taiwan version. You must watch because Hanazawa Rui is super hot ! right ? right ?

Hotaru no Hikari

This is another must-watch-drama. At work, she's efficient and hardworking.But, she's a different person when she's at home. She's lazy and never give a damn about cleanliness. However, things change when her department manager happen to live with her under one roof.

My boss My Hero

Sakaki "Tornado" Makio is a tough 27-year-old high school drop-out is force to be a 17-year-old during school hours and in the presence of any classmates or teachers outside of school. Well, this Makio guy is very dumb. Things start out rough and tough as Makio's violent temper is tested. As the lessons and days go by he learns there is much more to school than just tests and studying.

Sick of Japanese drama ? Watch this instead.

Fated I love you.

This is one of the latest drama and I have to wait for the new episode every week. I don't know about you but I like it.

ok, that's all. happy watching ! =)


kien said... final is coming...i wont get influence by u til i finish my exam:-)

ryn said...

hi5 sis!! i watched 50% of those listed here i think
hahhaha...gosh..exam near..n i started watching bad is tht??

iuhnix said...

-->kien is impossible to influence you la..must study hard while u lock urself up at sj !

memang are the one who intro 50% of the drama above to me. started watching anime? to release stress right? oh yea..taiwan ver of honey&clover not nice ! too exaggerate

ryn said...

haha..i recently watched romantic princess..not too bad..cried abit.. but stil they go overboard lar..too fake. i shall cont watcing those u recommend after exam. since i got hols:D

haahahhahahao Tim said...

hehe .. i watched quite a few also .. still chasing "Fated i love you". her baby aborted ady .. sipeh kesian

g said...

i also like fated to love you...
so sad..

but i can't wait for her to transform!

haahahhahahao tim said...

the preview seems to be pretty cool
reminds me of "devil wears prada"