Monday, July 28, 2008


Woohoo..It was GDO last saturday. Yeah..somebody ffk me. *sigh*
I went secret recipe with ms.chowshukien and we both had chocolate indulgence!
Our dinner.

The rich Ms.chowshukien
Iuhnix and Michelle
Blah..I look weird in this picture
Soong suppose to be in but she went out to look for her mom.
Oh great, I miss hangout now ! *sob*
To those who went back to their respective uni, good luck and take care !! especially the two at Singapore !


kien said...

sigh..i miss hangout..miss u too:'(
gonna start my new uni life soon..
i wish i can go through it..
dun 4get bout our promises to meet up 2gether in kl 1day:D

iuhnix said...

no prob girl !