Thursday, July 31, 2008


There’s one lesson I learnt here

If a person is good looking,

Instead of having a heart of gold

He/she will have the most poisonous heart in the world

Never judge a book by its cover

You should judge the book by its content


A-mee said...

i agree with you..what happen?sumbody qikik you ah??

genieve said...

Agree about judging a book by its content.

but base on what?
our own personal beliefs and culture?
are we stigmatising then?

lol..I'm judging your post by its content hopefully.

Hao Tim said...

I'm so good looking ...
hahaha ..

kien said...

yeah.. very true!! I totally agree with u!!! good hearts are hard to find..

darryl said...

:0 i better shut up, coz i know my cover is good looking. :X

iuhnix said...

-->chai mee
no people qikek me..that's what I see here in UKM. got superficial ppl here..long story..
--> genieve
hmmm..nah..I don't know how shud we judge d content of the book.It depends on ourselves actually.
--> hao tim& darryl
ugghhh..hao tim's is spreading his virus to darryl adi! *warning sign*
-->shu kien
yeap!yeap !