Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear friends,
I'm here at foyer today. Foyer is like the main living room of our hostel. I don't feel good today. I'm sick of the system here. I have to register for a pilihan bebas and it couldn't be language now as all the language class's timetable clash with my timetable. I have only a few choice left and that's history. I went to this history class that day and I appeared to be the only chinese then. And then this lecturer asked me whether I'm going to take this history course for sure. I don't know. I have no options. I'm sick of running here and there to register for courses.
I don't know whether I'm in the right path as you know, food science and nutrition is not the course I wanted from the beginning. I want dietetic! Perhaps I should go and try to ask for transfer tomorrow. Fyi, my maths examination is in BM ! freaking BM ! I tried so hard to get used to BI and now they want to switch it back to BM. funny right ?
Did I tell you all that I got kicked out of the class on the first day ? Not kick out la..they decided to change our course in the very last minute. We were asked to drop physical chemistry and take inorganic chemistry. efficient enough right ? I have to take 25 credit hour somemore. Memang menyusahkan.
Maybe the government should do something about it. Hao Tim, get your special group done. hahaha..It's going to be very useful. Okay...I should stop complaining now.


darryl said...

what? haotim is setting up a SWEAT team or CIAh team? HAHA

aih.. i feel bad for you too. But why maths in BM? i dont think my sis's maths is in BM wo

A-mee said...

i oso very cham ah...ask your senior to help you la..

iuhnix said...

u shud ask him then. maybe different lecturer, different method of teaching gua..but why BM ??
I don't even know the seniors here. I never meet one food science year two before after being here for 2 weeks.

*kienny* said...

haha..running will help u 2 lose weights:) anyway,i could feel ur pain when u called me on tat day..update me more when u cum bek sban,k?miss u..

+ Ning Shing + said...

running to register course?u all not register on9 1?mine timetable also...i wan to take some easier to score de course but the time all clash with my core paper!its really sucks!!!!headache for choosing course.

+ Ning Shing + said...

u take math 2?hahaha....i also take it but i dun think the exam is in BM?wat math u took?u everyday also got class until wat time?mine mon-thurs is until 6 or 7pm and juz fri very free until fri until when?mayb u can come midvalley to meet with me n then we can back sbn 2gether.hahaha

iuhnix said...

-->shu kien
help me lose weight ? Yeah, I think I will get slim four years later. Thanks for listening to me. You will hear me complain even more if I called you earlier.
-->ning shing
I took teknik mathematik. It's in BM. Well, sometimes when the amount of people for the particular course is full, we have to register manually.Monday class till 1pm. Tuesday till friday's class till 6pm but got 3 hrs or 6hrs break in between

+ Ning Shing + said...

oh..same here lo.but if really full lioa,my penyelaras here is very bad 1.duwan giv us register manually.wan us write appeal letter bad!

iuhnix said...

WHAT ? hahhaa..I just have to fill in one form then let the lecturer sign. but you can get the letter's sample from the senior right ?