Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures from the orientation week's all here. Sorry for the delay.

Me and Javerline during choir practise. Lisa was the pianist but I didn't get to take pictures with her.

We had aerobic exercise with the NC. All the first year student were there to exercise together.

UKM's Dectar -before and after

They invited the Malaysia's astronaut to give us a inspirational talk.

closer view
Malam Percikan Seni. This is good. This event is organised by the Artisukma which stands for artis ukm. There's performance by the 2nd/3rd year student but most of the performances are done by the first year student. The seniors train us and we perform.

Syea Hui, Kuan Yoke(my roommate) and I.

Meet Fuzah, the girl from Paroi. I'm not sure what happen to me. Fuzah was sleeping the other day during our rehearsal for the Malam Percikan Seni, the evil me went and wake her up by shouting gempa bumi! gempa bumi!. I shook her body for a few times too. Luckily, she's not mad with me.

Hanis Manis ! This girl is from Seremban too. Oh man, she never fail to make me laugh.

I wanted to show you more picture but I'm too lazy to upload. Okay, I should leave now.Buhbye ~


darryl said...

WA!! why still got PJK de.. so sien lei.. as if you all dont know how to exercise meh..

but hey, your uni life seems fun eh.. adi got some frens.. good to hear that~! take care and all the best in your studies!

genieve said...

ya ya i like your baju kurung/kebaya.

looks really pretty..

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

yeappp so blue-ish!

iuhnix said...

which 1 ? d light blue or the dark blue ?hahaa..thanks. We are forced to wear blue colour's baju kurung. So, can see everyone is wearing blue during the orientation week.

A-mee said...
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A-mee said...

enjoy your uni life ah....hehe..all the best..

darryl said...

looks like enjoying! Good la.. if not very lonely.

darryl said...


i thought you got blog you know.. then go check check see then only know havent got one. i'm waiting!

iuhnix said...

she got la..she will re-open her blog soon

kaijia said...

u seems to be enjoying ur self there... keep it up!!! hahahha

syabie said...

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