Wednesday, August 27, 2008

updates !

Life in UKM is getting better.
Better in the sense that I'm getting used to the life here and I'm gaining weight at the same time(which is a bad news).
There's no home-class-home routine here unless you are a 100% passive person.
There's always home-class-activities-home.
I got to know new friends almost everyday.
If you said you can meet everyone you know from Seremban@ Jusco S2, then Midvalley is where I can meet my coursemates and collegemates from UKM. (I dropped my maybank card there*sad betul*)
Yesh..I went for aerobic class yesterday night! lol. I was the only chinese junior*again* there and I recieved extra attention from the seniors.
Mid-sem is approaching and I'm here procrastinating. I should be studying for my technique maths. Hmmmmm....not forgetting that I spend my whole weekend watching dramas.ugghh..
I want to go to the Emerge 2008 concert this weekend but I have class on friday evening and I'm going back to Sban this saturday morning. What should I do ? Hometown or Emerge ? Dilemma betul la ni..

I might be going back this weekend. Let's meet up,k ???

p/s: coming up next: Malam kebudayaan.


darryl said...

ok.. let's meet up.. S2 steam boat

ryn said...

wads emerge? sounds cool

genieve said...

ya. S2 sounds good. 7pm. no see no go. lol

IuhniX said...

s2 steamboat ?both of u sure ffk 1 lor..haha
emerge is a concert brought to us by the christian organization(That's what they say here) but not only for christian.They have singers like jay chou, stepahnie sun, FIR and etc last year. It should be fun la..