Thursday, September 11, 2008

What should I do ?

There's this girl here. Let's name her "A".
This girl "A" have some issues with her roommate.
She complained about her roommate a LOT ! She can just go to your room and tell you about her issues, how pity she is, how her roommate treat her , this and that. (yeah..she started telling us story since our second week in ukm.)
However, we listened to her problem but the problem she keeps talking about the same problem over and over again. We gave her the same advice over and over again and yet she is not satisfied with it. We've been listening to her problem for 2 months ?
Since she was not happy with her roommate, she sent in a letter to the management last week so that she can get a new roommate. The management offered her a roommate but this new roommate is worst.
Why do I say so ? She's that kind of person who is afraid of cold and she never switch on the fan. The new "roommate" told A that she used to study till 3am in the morning everyday with radio on.A is very smart in the sense that she went to see her new roommate before she change her room.
Since A is in dilemma now, she went and consult everybody. There's this girl (B)who kena caught and she had to listen to A's problem for 2 hours. After that, B went to her friend's room to ask something and A came. B couldn't leave her friend's room and she wasted another 2 hours there.
My roommate saw A near the stairs a few days ago and she consulted my roommate too and the she came to my room. She knocked on my door but my sixth sense told me not to open the door. My roommate and I kept quiet and we continue finish our undone assignments.
I seriously don't mind listen to her but she keep telling me the same grandmother story every time. I've heard her complaint for 4853485034 times and I seriously have had enough of it. Everybody has a limit.
Worst still, she got this "siu je" manner. She won't talk to you if what you have said offended her. Come on la..When we tell her the truth, she show us the very "bo song" face.
For example,
"I can't stand my roommate. She switched on the table light(the small one which I guess you all have seen it before) when she sleeps."
"You can use the eye mask to cover your eyes right?"
"cannot la..I have sensitive!"

"I cannot study when my roommate is playing computer games."
"Ohhh..maybe you can study in the library."
"huh ? cannot lar..I can't eat and drink as I like in the library..."

See..get my point ? I really don't know how to face her. She kept bugging me yesterday because she wanted me to listen to her. I rejected her. I know that I mean but who knows she will stay at my room for how long. My roommate and I need to study for our exam and we really don't have much time to layan her.

If you are wondering what I'm writing this post, I need you all to vote in the blue box. What should I do? If I tell her off, I'm sure that she will go around and tell the whole world that I bully her, this and that. Remember what she did when she's not happy with her roommate ?


darryl said...


talk to her about your feelings, tell her that one needs to deal with problems maturely, just like you do when you deal with yours (with her). Firm but not rude.

If she doesn't accept, then you'll have to keep away from her for the moment lor... she has to come to realize that everyone has their problem and should manage them maturely.. hmm.. just tell her

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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IuhniX said...

Thanks for d advice..I think I know what to do adi..thanks a lot !!! =))