Sunday, October 26, 2008

my weekend GONE !

I think I told some of you that I will be camping at the Hutan Pendidikan Alam(HPA) this weekend. Well, I was very lucky because my kok lecturer change the venue to a lecturer hall ! and..they allow us to sleep at our own college ! My roommate was wasking why am I so lucky ! haha..Apparently, those who took this course must enter HPA to do their simulasi or else they will fail this subject. This is what we do in simulasi. We have to choose a topic for our project. Then, we have to do paperwork, letters, certificates, buku cenderemata and everything in ONE day ! We have to carry out a m0ck opening ceremony for our project on the next day. sounds challenging right ? Luckily I'm in charge of the banner and I dipaksa jadi the emcee for the opening ceremony.

I sangat bersemangat nak masuk hutan and I even bought the mosquito repellent stick. I was so glad that the lecturer decided to have the simulasi in a lecturer hall. Have I mention that we have free food too ?

This is half of the lecturer hall.

and this is the super comfortable seats. Much better than the ones in the cinema.
I'm glad that I don't have to attend my class in this lecturer hall because their very cold air-conditioner and very comfortable seats can make me sleep so easily.
My art work. This is the only thing I did for my group's project work.


genieve said...

your artwork soo cute!

and I love those cinema seats! I want!

IuhniX said...

lol thanks for the compliment ! Yeah..but you will fall asleep very soon once you sit on it..

darryl said...

WHOAAA.. those seat so luxurious one? malaysia really dump money into it man.. import more brains la.. seat comfortable no use, cannot make us smart.. LOL

i love your artwork.. so cute, like those kids without parents longing for parents.. XD

iuhnix said...

what kids without parents ?it's a anak angkat project. the kid in the middle is a uni student and the one beside her is her foster parents.hmmm.. isn't that obvious ?

darryl said...

HAHAHA.. i really cannot make out what it means lor.. i thought a child lost his parents and feel lonely, and wish for a family, so he drew like that ma..

iuhnix said... it ur prob or my prob?maybe it is because of the missing words. I should have capture the whole banner and not part of it.