Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is random.

Aku tahu.
I like random post because I can add everything into it and rojak-fied my blog.
Fine, My brain is now math-sified .
This is the last math's paper that I'm going to sit for the rest of my life. I hope.
There's one thing about maths. I read as if I know about it, but when it comes to question, I'm not sure about the solution.
For uni level maths, I read, I don't understand a single thing, when it comes to question, I give up!
I need to go back to chemistry.
Can someone tell me more about Diels-Alders reaction ?
I'm blur. Now, organic chemistry look exactly like a killer.
I used to love this subject and I'm still trying.
I've heard that physical chemistry is more evil.
Stpm and spm exam is just around the corner.
Oh man, time passed so fast.
It seems like I just finished my bio paper yesterday
and it's already a year now ?
Great ! We are on our way towards ageing process. LOL
p/s: Can I eat all my notes like what Nobita did ?
Nobita remember everything he need to know during his exam.
I want a doraemon toooo !


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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iuhnix' said...

hahha..kind of..

yes..masa akan berlalu dengan cepat..dan kita pergi yam cha bersama-sama okay ?hehee..suruh chan datang sama-sama..and may lyn !

+ Ning Shing + said...

hey gal...good luck to ur exam.:)

IuhniX said...

same to you. let's have fun after our two people waiting for us adi..