Monday, December 29, 2008

A day of many events.

We started of the day by baking. Michelle, kai jia,shu kien and I met at Baker's Mall to get the ingredient for our muffins.
Apple muffins on your left and Banana Chocolate chip muffins on your right.

The birthday cake. We placed 20 muffins together and lid 20 candles.

We proceed with BBQ at night. This is suppose to be a post christmas+pre-new year+Poow's 20th birthday+ ACS's reunion party.

Guess what are they doing ?

Kai Jia was forced to "cucuk ayam".
Okay, now you see timothy gan.
Ming Hau is really excited. I wonder why.

The birthday cake.
and the group picture.

This is a very successful gathering. The last gathering of year 2008. I'm looking forward to Year 2009 now. =)

More pictures on facebook, okay ?


Till then.


Lisa ^^, said...

Ooh, muffins look YUMMY!!
Awesome awesome! ;P

iuhnix said...

lol not only look yummy. it taste good too !

darryl said...

T.T.. it does look yummy.. ada lagi when i'm back?

G said...

ya ya..ada lagi?

iuhnix said...

muffin ?sudah masuk perut semuanya
kai jia bawa muffin yang tinggal balik rumah
you buat yang baru dan belanja kita makan okay ?

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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iuhnix said...


kaijia said...

i took 4 back onli la... sakai!!