Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas !

It's Christmas Eve !
I'm going to post lots of picture as christmas present !
Happy or not ?
Well..I'm not in the writing mood today.
Why don't we just let the pictures do the talking ?

Christmas deco at Midvalley.

Christmas deco at One Utama.

So Alice-In-The-Wonderland right ?

Next, Christmas deco at Sunway Piramid.
Christmas tree made up roses. Real flower okay ?and the tree smell nice !Last but not least,



darryl said...

wasai walao wakao!

like that you call christmas present? not accepted..

you make me miss msia so so so much now.. T.T

iuhnix said...


not accepted ? "ngor geh yat fan sam yi"

You will be back soon..13/1 right ?

Lisa ^^, said...

Waa. You go all those places just to take photos of their deco ka?? ;P
But looks great!!!

iuhnix said... la..I was suppose to go shopping but ended up taking pictures coz I didn't get anything from the mall. hahaa