Monday, December 15, 2008

MyLDS Part One

The first night of MyLDS was traffic light night. We were asked to wear only red, green or yellow t-shirt.
Red - In a relationship ; Yellow- Single but not available ; Green- Single and available.

Well, as I said before we danced a lot during MyLDS. We danced during morning plenary, after lunch, during breaks and after dinner. We called it "Square dance". Now, I'm going to present you the square dance performed by Beverlyn's university- UUM. Beverlyn is the one in green top, first row and far left.

Then, a few people volunteered to go up to the stage to play the tut-tut-train game. I tried to combine the two video together but failed. Trust me, this is not your ordinary tut-tut-train.


By the way, we had fun watching people slapping each other. Imagine lah..Everyone cheered for you when you walked in the hall as if you are a celebrity.Then when they began to hug each other, you thought you will have the chance to hug others also, mana tau kena slap pula ! The audience did enjoyed themselves a lot ! :)

Ok, end of part one. More videos and photos up later.

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