Saturday, December 13, 2008


I signed up for MyLDS(organized by Aiesec) before my final exam knowing that I will be going there alone. Chin Choon told me that he will sign up at the first place. Mana tau dia last minute kata tak boleh.Chee yang and kai jia told me that they were actually interested in this seminar after the registration date. However, I kinda force myself out of my comfort zone and got myself back to UKM. I met Javerline on the train too! lol

The picture below show the people whom I worked close with during pre-MyLDS.

Rena, me,Kumerain,Kim Kooi,Low and Ben.
Rena reminds me of Beatrice. They have similar smile!
During outdoor games..

The guys were building our very-tall-but-not-stable tower. The seniors tried their best to equip us with lots of knowledge so that we were well prepared for the next 6 days. Yes, we have to practise our square dance, global village performance and roll call in two days. We learn and play at the same time! very efficient right ? It was very tiring. :(

To me, the main purpose of MyLDS is to let the delegates to know each other better. We form a small bond among us and this bond will eventually grow stronger as we spend more time together.

That's all for Pre-MyLDS.

More coming up next on MyLDS.


darryl said...

what is it lai de?

IuhniX said...

what is what ?
aiesec? mylds ?or pre-mylds?