Saturday, December 20, 2008

MyLDS part two-RACE

It was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).
Putrajaya at night.

Photo session at the lobby.

The guys.

AJ, U-Jean, Nannthini, Wei Lin, Nisa, Me, Sook Chan, Derek, Kumerain and Ben

Yean San,the very pro photographer and I.

Rena, Michelle, Sook Chan, Shu Shean, Wei Lin and I.

Recognise this girl beside me ? She is Beverlyn ! Sudah cantik kan ? We were pretty excited when we get to know that we will be meeting each other at MyLDS.

U-Jean, Me, Karyn and Shu Shean

Yi Ni, Wei Jie, U-Jean and I.

After dinner.
LC UKM ! This includes alumni, interns, seniors and juniors.


Lisa ^^, said...

Hey I saw Beverlyn! Looks pretty fun!! haha

iuhnix said...

yeap! I had lots of fun ! I got a beverlyn-is-dancing video with me too.Maybe you can join next year's MyLDS