Friday, January 2, 2009

It's already year 2009 ?

Woah..It has been a year! Time flies in year 2008.

Things that I have done in Year 2008.

  • Work in roadshows.

  • Did crazy stuff for some people.

  • Roadtrip to other state.

  • WORST SALES EXPERIENCE back in Levi's.

  • Get into UKM and not getting the course I want.

  • Found really nice friends and an annoying one.

  • Joined AIESEC and then MyLDS. (I'm not done blogging about MyLDS yet)

  • Got hooked to drama, anime and manga.

  • Addicted to facebook.

  • Ate like a pig and gained 5 kg. ohhh crapp !

I have to sit down and think about my new year resolution. New Year Resolution is meant to be achieve, not berangan-angan saje. Maybe next time,ya ?

New Year Eve Celebration.

I know. I know. Like what psw said, there was no celebration in NS this year because our yam Tuan just passed away. With limited friends in Sban and a change in plan, there's nothing much that we can do in this small town.

We went steamboat instead.

We regretted then. We should have gone to Cheras for food. Maybe next time.

Let me present you..........

Ms.Cheh Chai Mee as the cook.

I was peeling the prawn shell.

Ms. Chua Kai Jia as the makan-makan-ambil-gambar girl. Look at her. She look so happy by looking at her crab.

Butter Prawn.

Ms.Cheh's masterpiece.

Ms. Chan joined us later at Lobak then we went to Jia's house. No doubt that we had fun watching somebody gobble up the onion rings.




darryl said...

Happy New Year!!!

So fast hor?! sigh.. im glad you guys enjoyed yourself.. :D

see you guys soon!!!

iuhnix said...

yeah yeah 13/1/08 right ?? See you in 2 weeks time