Monday, January 5, 2009

Recession ?

Recession ?
What is recession ?
I guess most of the Malaysian haven't sense the economy crisis YET.
People are always redrawing money from the ATM machine no matter when you go especially at shopping malls when there's sales carnival.
In this country,
They will never "sediakan payung sebelum hujan", but "cari payung semasa hujan".
Hohooo..We shall sit back and watch what happen next.


3POINT8 said...

At times during sales carnival, isn't it the best time to shop?

iuhnix said...

Yeah,but people buy "what they want" instead of "what they need" during sales carnival right ?I'm just giving my opinion. :)

darryl said...

they dont "cari payung semasa hujan", they "hujan, hujanlah; basah, basahlah"... LOL

btw, although Malaysia is not directly hit by the financial crisis, but we're still affected indirectly through the currency fluctuation of OTHER countries, so.. i cant disagree with you that they should be "sediakan payung" already.. at least for the next few years

Anonymous said...

Not yet hujan why want ready the payung? Very heavy de leh and not convenient
Haha !!

Btw...recession??? TAK APA LA !!
Hahaha :)

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Oh...I thought you took a picture of the money changer. And, in a moment, I thought everyone is changing their foreign currency to Malaysian ringgit. I guess i was wrong...WHO IN THE WORLD would change to RM when the world currency is dropping like mad!!!! *smiles sheepishly* Hehe...actually, i did. And I thought your post was bout this. Mana tau....ppl taking out money from ATM... -_-"

iuhnix said...

Yes yes ming jie you are right !

Anonymous, there's small and foldable umbrella exist in this word and its not heavy at all ! :)

Aiksss..william ni pandai imagine huh ? hahaa..those people who change their foreign currency to msia ringgit are stupid okay ?