Saturday, January 10, 2009

random 26

Hey ! Hey !

Do you miss me ?

I'm very very very busy since the new semester started !

First, there's kawad training, relay,mock disaster and theory.
It was like the re-run of my secondary school life.
It reminds me a lot about our days in ACS.
The only difference is I need to be in the kawad team, first-aid team and the IHL team at one time.
Oh gawd! I can hardly online now. *sob*
Sleeping at 2am and wake up at 8am in the morning is not something to be proud of okay ? Luckily, the nightmare is going to end SOON, that is next weekend !
But,I have to skip next weekend's gathering. :(
When it comes to kawad, I miss my old teammates - Beatrice, Caryn, Man Yee, Shu Kien and Kai Jia.
The punishments and practices that we had together is unforgetable.
Guess what ? I'm the commander ! hahhaaa..funny right ?
Memang O.M.G sangat !!
After the competition, I got to help out during my college's carnival which is the weekend after the one week holiday.
Crap! I can't go back to Sban even thought its CNY !
So, you guys must must must attend the "lou sang" gathering!

If I get through the interview, I will be even buzier.
Interview ?What interview?
I will elaborate more if I get through. *wink*

Yayaaa..Not forgetting our college's annual dinner during March.
I'm going to MIA from Sban soon. Wait, I'm already MIA from Sban what !

p/s : Who told Mr.Yap that I have a bf ?
Who is the one who called me at 2am ? It's a private number.
Who is the one who send me weird message from Indonesia ?

Till then, love =)


darryl said...

yo yo.. so cham.. what's your bf's name?

IuhniX said...

my bf's name ? which bf ?

HT said...

2nd or 3rd one?

ryn said...

haha...u have a bf? omg..

iuhnix said...

2nd or 3rd one ?Why don't you ask about the 7th or 8th ?
Caryn, why omg ?
Hao Tim said I'm very secretive. :x

man_yee said...

oh congratulations! XD
hey, kawad teammates.. i forgot who are them already~ LOL
memorable moments...

ryn said...

you are , you are!

seriously, im in your team meh? i dont rmb at all. i rmb all the scolding frm gan tho.ahhaa

iuhnix said...

lol. you were in phoong's team mah...then gan formed the com team. Remember ?So, the rest of us just combine.

I got perfect memory :)