Sunday, February 8, 2009

konbanwa !

Harlow !

It is kind of lame to start with greetings lately. My recent posts involves more words and less pictures(more to me,myself and I ). Nooo !! Am I going to bore you people ? I hope not because I don't have time to take pictures recently, apatah lagi kena upload them !

So here goes the picture from CNY meet up 2009 ! I guess most of you have seen this in facebook. I must say, this blog is very outdated.

The whole gathering was fun ! We had enjoyed eating and gambling playing cards and mahjong a lot !

Well, the first week of CNY was a busy one and the second week of CNY was a crazy one. I've been rushing here and there for meeting. The worst day was on thursday because I had no time to eat dinner at all. -_-. But the second week was great.

It started off with watching Mr.Yap making snowball via webcam followed by my Jap Language test on the following day. Then, I recieved e-mails from the Exchange Participants who are interested in our project. That's the highlight of the week. After that, I was chosen to be in the technical team of my college's mega project. Basically, I don't set up microphones. I just sit there and let the guys to the job. I did arrange the chairs though. Later on, I found out that the Anak Sabah's Association in UKM organise trip to Mount K.K every end of the year at the price of RM 600++(Flight ticket, lodging and tour guide included). Banyak murah kan ? Last but not least, I met up with shu kien, the girl who disappeared for quite long. :)

Okay laaa..I better stop babbling here. You can send me an e-mail if you want to keep in touch with me. I don't online so often already.

Once again, thanks for helping me in my last post. I can write a post on "Your sleeping position show who you are" if you want to.

p/s: Casper, where is my mail ?

Oyasuminasai (Good night)


darryl said...

I met Shu Kien too!!! it's like an annual thing, so cham.. LOL..

iuhnix said...

hahaa..yeah even I dont get to meet her that often. apatah lagi kamu