Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm not professional.I know.

I feel like a bird,
Locked in the cage.
My wings are gone.
Hence, I can't fly.
I have lost my freedom, my ability to fly.
When I look at the world outside there,
I'm tempted. I'm jealous.
I yearn for the freedom I never had.
I want to reach the sky but I can't
I'm waiting for my wings to grow
I'm waiting for someone to free me
from the cage I'm in
I've escape once and I thought I've gain eternal freedom
For once I think nothing is impossible
I run as far as I can
Unfortunately, my master caught me back
I'm locked up in the same cage again
I stay to learn, the knowledge that were never taught
It's hard to wait for the fruit to bear.
It takes time and I'm willing to wait.
I am now still the bird without freedom.


darryl said...

T.T so sad.. jia you ok?

iuhnix said...

thanks ming jie! I will try my best =)