Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last week have been a crazy week for me.
Class in the day and meetings at night. for almost everyday.
I'm spending less time in my room compared to last semester.
I don't even have time for movies or mangas. and MSN too.
Okay laa..let me explain a bit on what I've been doing for the past few weeks."(Jia, you should be happy about this.)
Some of you might know that I'm in AIESEC right ?
There's a project based on exchange(PBOX).
I'm currently in the OC and I'm in-charge of exchange.
Exchange meaning I'm responsible to get the interns from other country to come and develop the project with us.
I've been sending out hundreds of e-mails throughout the past few weeks but not all of them replied my mail.
For me, a positive reply from them is like striking a jackpot.
Interacting with them was fun ! There's a girl from GuangZhou talked to me on MSN and she said she will be my tourist guide if I happen to visit China. Awwww..
Oh yeah, I get to meet the corporates people with one of my friend on friday. We were asking for sponsorship. It was a good experience though.
Basically, my daily life involve studies and AIESEC now.

Hey people, you should update me too !
Send me an e-mail or create a blog! (Kai Jia, you should do so!)
It is so unfair since I don't get to know what happen to you guys. :(

p/s: Sorry Genieve and Soong for not being in Sban on friday night. We will hangout more next round!

Got to ciao now. bye !


G said...

hey good to hear that you are busy and studying hard!

i can't wait for uni to start!
we will enjoy more next year. see ya!

iuhnix said...

yeah ! take care too :))

ryn said...

will update u man! im so sorry for the not updated email. wait for it k
i got a new phone. i can email frm it. send u a pic of it too:D