Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sex scene in Uni.

Yes !
I'm talking about sex scene in Uni.
I'm not a stalker
Who asked them to perform in such a public place?
A place like the Uni's foyer ?
And a day before V day !
Everyone was staring at them.
*shake head*
This is so gross.
Do you want to have a look at it ?
I took a picture though.


ryn said...

lol...i tot got ppl bercumbu cumbu. mana tau tis. rofl

kennhyn said...

sex in open public, this is too much... haha

iuhnix said...

ryn, this is way too much from kissing, k ? If not I won't call it as a sex scene also. lol

darryl said...

sexual intercourse .. @.@ nice post

cats also know how to celebrate V day

iuhnix said...

lol true and soon I can see kittens around the foyer.

Lisa ^^, said...

Walao. They damn daring kan? haha they like doing it out in public where people can see them haha XD
I saw another 'couple' in my college too. rolling around on the grass. Wanted to take a photo, but they suddently shy pulak. Aish.

iuhnix said... coll 1 memang tak tau malu. Everyone was staring at them and they just don't give a damn at all. tsk tsk