Sunday, April 26, 2009

I need a decision.

Initially, I planned to take third semester/special semester to clear my credits for the 2 stupid university subject.
Then, I can happily take my Japanese Language level 2 and 3 in year 2.
But, something is tempting me now.
I've found a travel buddy to accompany me to Thailand and even Indonesia !
How lah ?
I should continue taking my third semester and forget about the travel plan ?
(I have classes on one or two days per week..It depends.)
Or just sit back and enjoy my holiday ?and work !
But, how about my Japanese Language ?
I might be able to go to the 2 country despite having third semester.
kawan-kawan ku, tolong !


Lisa ^^, said...

Study and play!!!
Then next sem take Japanese!!! XD

iuhnix said...

i have to take 25 cred next sem.
so it is not possible to take extra one subject because i am not superwoman. hahaha..
yay ! 1 vote on holiday !
thanks lisa =)

U-Jean said...

you now have two votes for holiday!

U-Jean votes for holiday! yoohoo!!

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

And as always I am the no-fun guy...
But seriously, I suggest you go do your special semester and pursue your favourite Japanese subject next year. At least you'll be happier next sem.
There will always be holidays, but to ease your load of burden when the chance comes is not always. If you know what I mean.
PS: I'm foregoing my holidays to learn my 2nd year subjects in a clinic. At least I know I'll benefit it in the near future.

darryl said...


iuhnix said...

-->U Jean,you voted for holiday? nice nice! btw, are you taking short sem since you have so many interns coming in during sem3 ?

Yeah, what you said was the main purpose I took short semester. but..but...haha

darryl pun holiday juga? Hmmmm..

Beatrice said...

I think u should take the thrid sem...Hols can always come again...Like when I am around to go with you:D But seriously, do it now, at least get it done by next year...

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Woohoo! 2 votes for study! Come on lah xin more matured... like me and beatrice. It will only benefit you. Don't listen to the devils but listen to us, angels! :)

ryn said...

ryn vote for study... u will regrettt if u go on holsssssss!!!!!! money spents..feel left behind.. no chance of taking jap anymore or pay for special courses next time..

so go study!!!!

more cons to study!

iuhnix said...

dont listen to the devils ?
aaahaa,,thanks for the advices, angels ! 3-3 now ? I will think about it after my exams.
terima kasih kawan-kawanku !