Saturday, April 18, 2009

wassup? :)

Hey people !
Wassup ?
A lil updates about what I've been doing.
I transformed myself to hercules and carried the bridge linking the Petronas Twin Tower.

Due to popular demand, there you go !
I've always been kind as I made him look taller in every picture we took together.

This picture was taken during our launching rehearsal in sunway. We stayed up till 4am !

After the launching ceremony. PCO group photo !

I'm having studying week now.
Finals exam is next week !
I can't wait for 5/5/09 to arrive !
Good luck everyone !
Will blog more during exams.

Take care =)


darryl said...

popular demand? you mean he's your bf?

iuhnix said...

you are the one who demand for it !you want to make him urs ?

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

yeah...i had that same question too! He's your boyfriend? Ooooo.....Xin...hui....! Haha...:P

iuhnix said...

NOOOO !! He is my japanese intern. Ming jie, you are the one who asked for his picture in the previous post okay ?

Lisa ^^, said...

Haha You did look like you were carrying Sky Bridge!! ahahah

Ooh, Japanese intern. Hm. Chiew Yen seems to know him too. Takahiro right, his name?

Yerrrrr. Your last paper is 5th ar? No fair no fair!!! Mine's 8th. >.<

Guess you'll go back to Seremban earlier then. Cehhhh.

Anyways, all the best for exams worr!! Gambateh nehhh :P

iuhnix said...

Lol. Yeah, I thihk one of the OC member introduce him to Chiew Yen. My last paper is on the 5th but I might stay back for preperation for the conference.
Good luck for your exam too!
Take care ! =)