Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's up?
How are you ?
I'm very busy this semester before I realise that next week is the last week of this semester. :(
The problem is I'm not even ready for the final exam yet. :(

This week have been a very interesting week.
First, I met a friend from Philipines and we have became very good friend.
Secondly, I went to a buffet dinner that offer not enough food for the people there.
I saw a lot of people lined up at the ais kacang counter in order to fill their stomach.
Thirdly, my japanese intern came to Malaysia. He is cute !
Marie and I were waiting for him at the arrival hall. There was a lot of Asian coming out from the arrival hall at that time. Since Marie didn't see Taka's picture before she went to the airport, she started guess. We joked a lot at the time and we missed Taka. Luckily, he is smart enough to borrow a phone from the local to call me.You will understand why we didn't notice him soon.
Then, a german called me all the way from germany yesterday to ask me if he can do internship for EYLN.
I complained about how @ take most of my time this semester sometimes.
But, I'm very greedy at the same time.
I want to learn as much as I can. I want to challenge my limit.
I believe that I will have interesting stories to tell in the future.

The best part is
my hardwork is paid off with

this !


kien said...

keep it up,girl:)

iuhnix said...

I will :)
You are back from pahang/sepang adi ?

Beatrice said...

Wow...Congrats...That's great=) So jealous that you get to meet ppl all around the world...

iuhnix said...

thanksss :))you can meet people from all around the world from your uni too right ?

G said...

yes yes yes! you can push your limit!
take care girl. am happy for you :)

ryn said...

what the... u sux
im expecting shashin of sugoi guy at the end...*dissapointed* not a bad friend..

good job ! keep it up.

and u owe me tht shashin

iuhnix said...

hahahaa..shashin ?
okay i will give it to you!
but dun expect much laa..
he's not tall but cute !
his eye damn big. lol

Lisa ^^, said...

Wow. Congrats babe!!! Enjoy jer la you!! hehe XD

darryl said...

wow!! geng! pui fuk! salute! walao! nice! thumbs up! standing ovation! congrats! fantastic!

k enough..

wei.. why no pic of him? i want i want! <-- jealous..

iuhnix said...

Thanks !

ming jie,u pun suka lelaki ?
lol i didn't know that.

ryn said...

hidden gayness portrayed ..eekzzz...

Beatrice said...

Hahahaha....but there are foreigners coming and mising with you willingly...Most foreigners coming to talk to me are either lost or in pain...Lol..Keep up the good work, girl...Take care..