Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashing back

My classes,lectures and labs ended yesterday!

I told Wei Lin that time flied and here come the end of our first year in UKM.
Wei Lin said our first year will offcially end only after our final exams. :(
I remembered everything that happened before entering UKM.
I did a lot of shopping with Chai Mee. We bought almost everything together.
I remember bidding goodbye to wye lyng but I still see her everyday before orientation week. could I forget the Ultimate Penang Trip ?

I remember that I hated food science and nutrition to the max after one week in Uni.

I wrote a letter and submitted the letter to the my dean.
But, I didn't submit the letter to the another dean(of another faculty) at last.
I'm glad that I choose to stay because everything will be so different now.
A lot of things happened throughout the year.
Bonds were formed and broken among friends.
Some friendship grew even stronger. :)
I guess that always happen in life.
We are broading on the train to a destination but some choose to get down earlier because they are not heading to the same destination as I am.
However, there's new passenger at every stop who want to be in the same train as I am.

Coursemates @ fac night.

and college dinner ! Nah..this is just the photo for sketch practise.
It's fun to have this bunch of friends in college. They are the one who make me feel like I belong there at the first place.

Oh yeah..I went cheras pasar malam two days ago! It's only a 20 minutes drive to Cheras? The EYLNers went there together with the interns! It was super duper fun,k ? We stuffed ourselves with a lot of good food and we agreed that we won't go back there anytime soon.
I have seen so much in my first year. I couldn't wait to see what is awaiting me in the next three years.
Well..well..This year is a good year.

Life is like a roller coaster ride.
I won't be able to see the whole process of it until I reach my destination.


michelle said...

hey gal,glad to c u're enjoying ur uni life!!
truly enjoy it to the max...
get new experience...
explore new things...
making new friends...
etc...b4 stepping into the working world!!
it's just so much fun as a student...
besides the hard times in studies lo...
i may need to wait a long time to be a student again...
all the best and take good care ya!!=)

kien said...

take care, we will chat again soon:)