Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've tried space shot!
for the first time


Lisa ^^, said...

Wow. Not bad la. Last time I went there I was all gung ho and like, I'm soo gonna try that!! Then when we went up to it, I looked waaaayyyyy up there and then......tak berani dy. wakakkaa
Cool babe!! XD

iuhnix said...

thanks! I didnt went up during the after stpm trip but its really interesting!
u can try it next time ;)

darryl said...

it was fantastic right!! i was full of adrenaline when i was there.. and the feeling of floating in the air is oh-so-scary.. i will never forget that.. lol

and the worse part is, i got the side facing the valley, which makes the height even worse!!

iuhnix said...

haahhaa..yeah..everything looked so mini from the top ! it was fun :)