Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm back

Hey peeps !
Sorry for MIA for nearly two weeks now.
was busy with other stuff.
Remember the conference which I was talking about over and over again in my previous post ?
It ended perfectly last weekend :)
The OCs mengembang giler when we heard the testimonial from the delegates as we didnt know that we can inspire them through this conference.

*more pics at fb*

With the participants after business challenge.
Derek : Hey people, the bus is here ! be quick !
*delegates still busy taking picture*
*after 10 minutes*
Derek : guys can take as many as picture as you want because the bus just left for the conference hall.
Delegates : huh?where is the bus ? does that mean that we have to WALK back ? Nvm..lets have another picture !

Met new friends and gained new experience.
Tears were shed.
Stories were shared and the bond will never break.


darryl said...

walao.. one conference can cause tears to shed? woohoo.. am i a stone or are you a fountain?

iuhnix said...

Well, I'm not the one crying.
My friends cried during reflection. There's a lot of "fu chong" behind this conference.

HT said...

xinhui cried when she saw the monkey ..

it's true

darryl said...

at least someone cried for the monkey..

HT said...

ya ...
just dont forget that u're the monkey

darryl said...

i know.. at least someone cried for me.. will anyone cry for you? LOL