Friday, June 26, 2009

The sweet escape -peedee

Finally, a proper blog post. :)
I forgot when did I came up with this gathering called - The Sweet Escape at facebook.
Everyone was invited. Deciding where to go is exciting enough.
We started off with Redang or Perhentian but ended up in PD. :)
On the 19th of May, a few of us woke up very early in the morning (5:45am- 6:30am) to buy things that we need from the market. It was cwh's idea and his purpose of waking up at 5:45am is not to let kai jia sleep till 7am. hmm.

After beli-belah kat market, we went to tesco.

Then, we asked everyone to gather at cs's house for masak-masak session.
We used 3 recipes but 1 failed.
Ever wonder what will happen if beer mix with ketchup sauce ?
It taste awesome! Cs kinda change the ingredients (eg: lemon juice ->lime juice; black pepper to white pepper).

And we celebrate 3 birthday there.
It's hard to gather everyone nowadays. So, we decided to kill 3 bird with one stone. awesome right ?
It was not really a suprise because the 3 of them were smart enough to know that we had some plans.
Then, the guys totally ignored the girls because they were addicted to the NTU's version of "Chor Dai Dee".
On the second night, we had "pillow talk". Basically, is just us watching cs playing with/modelling for may lyn's dslr. I bet you have seen the pictures May Lyn uploaded at fb. But, it was just part of it.

last but not least, group picture!

finally, a proper post.

p/s: I'm going to start project 365 soon !
pp/s : next week is my last week of holiday. lets make it interesting can can ?
ppp/s: Seremban marathon is on 12/7. Anyone interested ?
pppp/s : I love Dave Deli's mash potato!

Will be updating regularly :)


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

NTU version of 'Chor Tai Tee'? I think I've been introduced to it before by the NUS students when I went to S'pore. It's called 'Asshole Chor Tai Tee' right? (Mind my manners) It's when the loser will give the best 2 cards to the winner and in return, he gets 2 of the worst cards from the winner. Is it like that?

iuhnix said...

yeala yeala ! stupid game right ?but they had so much fun laughing at each other *smackforehead*