Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pot Luck 29/06

Had pot luck with my sixth form mates.
It was fun and enjoyable :)
Should do that more often. LoL

Siah brought soy sauce chicken.

William brought yong tau foo pok.
Pn.Lee bought Yong Chow Nasi Goreng.
Siah brought durian and rambutan for us too. :)
Y Lyng was the first one who cut the durian for us.
Then, Siah decide to show off his skill.
And William.
Dessert time! Me and Y Lyng made cheesecake and we brought some for them. awesome!
How could we forget the group picture ? :)


+ Ning Shing + said...

so bad i wasnt there....=(

darryl said...

salivating .. again