Wednesday, July 22, 2009

13- 20th July 2009

Went to fst's cafe for lunch and saw these kitten having their meals at the same time.

Cats are everywhere in UKM.

I went to the Unit Kenderaan on tuesday and saw a lot of monkey there.

The monkeys were on the opposite side of the road and they were fighting with each other.

macam gang fight atas wayar elektrik tu. paham ?

Then I heard weird sound from the pondok jagaan and I realized that the pak guard was trying to ask the monkey to go back to the jungle by speaking in monkey's language.

They sound exactly the same. I was thinking where did the monkey hide itself.

14- 21/7/09

Went for MRD.

Jaga the booth with wei lin in the morning till the rest come.

Met some really weird people too.

Glad that some of my friends sign up as well.:)

15- 22/7/09

Delifrance is in Bangi now !

We paid RM 9.90 for a spagetti/lasagna + soup + free flow of root beer.

Had replacement lab today.

The worst thing happen when the lab technician drop our solution into the water bath.


We spent two hours waiting for the extracted solution and he dropped the solution into the water bath.

Guess what ?

He said :"besok ambil result group lain ya ?"

2 hours wasted. T_T


darryl said...

i hate cats, that's why i stopped reading straight after seeing the first pic..

iuhnix said...

and you scroll down to leave your comment without reading the rest ?lol

darryl said...

haha. ya