Sunday, July 26, 2009

of 16th,17th and 18th

Apa khabar ?
I went back to sban on friday.
Sis complained that I didn't talk to her anymore because I spent too much time on the computer screen.
As the result, she talked to herself and she pretended as if flora was talking to her. T____T
She asked why am I not updating my blog anymore. and she asked what happen to my project 365.
sigh. me is such a bad sister.
To compensate her, I will try to update my project 365 provided that I have the time to do so :)
Fiy, I had 3 labs last week, one after another.
Going to lab is not a pain anymore.
The worst is getting the report done.
I spent around 3 hours plus to get my food analysis report done. T___T
My food microbiology's report is lefted undone because I'm still waiting for other group's result.
It's only the 4th week of my new semester and I'm not looking forward towards it at all.
Just hope that everything will get back better from week to week.
This week is not good because I have activities this sat and sun.
Aku mau pergi pc fair :(
Will upload this pic later.
17- 24/7/09
Meet up with ex-colleagues.:)
This girl is getting married this nov.
kenduri is love :)

We celebrated Chai's 21st birthday at Greenbox.
Hao Tim was the planner.
Fell in love with dslr and declared bankcrupcy at the same night.


iynix said...

yea..teruk betul!!u and ur novel..get a life!!=p

iuhnix said...

better than talking to flora right ?hahahahaa..yea, blame my friends will ya?