Monday, July 6, 2009

It should be a perfect plan.

Last friday was Wai Hong's birthday and we had dinner with him at kensington after the movie.
Hao Tim and I came up with a plan- a perfect one.
First, we told everyone that this green apple donut below is his 21st birthday cake and everyone believed us. We sang birthday song and he blew the candles before dinner.Nobody suspect anything YET.

After the dinner, I told Hao Tim to bring out the cake. As usual, Hao Tim went and told the waiter that it was the right time to bring out the cake.
After a few minutes, the both of us were wondering what took the waiter so long. I mean..he just need to bring out the cake and light the candles right ?
Not until the waiter came to us and asked "Which one is your cake ?the big one or small one ?"
-________- zadao.
Macam mana buat suprise lah ni !!!
Damn smart right ?
It was suppose to be a perfect plan. Everyone was laughing because they really dont know the existence of the 2nd cake and the waiter.
Never go kensington for suprise birthday celebration. Never.


Lisa ^^, said...

Which Kensington la? The one near Terminal 2 ka? ahaha Damn expensive and not nice pun >.<

darryl said...

zha dao.. really zha dao.. haotim pun blur blur never tell which cake before he comes back? lol.. anyway, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves!

G said...

oohh so fun! waiters sometimes are jsut too blur.

HT said...

abit happi nobody blame me .. hhahaha ..