Saturday, August 29, 2009

The end of Aug

22- 23/8/09

Supper farewell for Ruby and Emma.

I knew Ruby when she first arrive in Malaysia. But, didnt get to see her much as she stay in the other end of UKM.

23- 27/8/09

Farewell dinner at House of Pancakes.

Was thinking if I should go because I have exam on Saturday and I didn't touch the notes at all before that. Come to think that I'm not be able to meet Amna and Aiza again, I went with the rest of the local aiesecer. The interns were there earlier because they went straight after their workshop. Aiza told us about the outreach programme. They followed the PT foundation people to distribute condoms to the sex workers in Chow Kit. It was a new experience for them and they love it very much. My friends were saying that they want to give it a try if they have a chance to do so.


Had subway on friday. Guess what ?I had 3 subway sandwich in the same week. lol.

I have stories to share on wednesday.

Next time perhaps ?I should start taking a picture a day. grrrr


genieve said...

I love subway!

iuhnix said...

me too me too! addicted to it already :)