Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's back !

Project 365 is back for good. :)
Finally huh ?
Do you know why ?
Because my next three weeks is going to be way interesting.

Did you saw the picture which I've uploaded recently ?

20- 21/8/09- The arrival of my 4th intern !

I was excited as I didnt have any intern in the past two months at all.
I drove to airport alone as my boss forgot that he had quiz on that day.
The best thing is I've waited there for 3 hours and I didnt brought my notes along. :(
Then, we had interns' farewell for Meri, Hyun Mi and Maritte.
We went karaoke after dinner at satay kajang.
It was fun because basically people dont sing, they shout ! lol. I guess our room was the most bising room because everyone tend to peek at us when they passed by.

21- 22/8/09 Global Village

I went for Global Village as well. As you can see from my facebook album, it was awesome !

People from 107 countries wore their own traditional costumes and had exhibition there. It was fun tasting different kind of food and drinks from different countries. I met a few people there. They are either the delegates from EYLN, the locals or the friends of our previous interns. the world is so small :)

There's a lot of stories which I share here but I dont have the time to type everything.

I guess I shall share next time when I meet up with you guys. :)

Till then, tata ! :)


ameen said...

hey great blog. didnt kno u have one. was passin by ur fb profile when i saw u with the fan lol

iuhnix said...

lol. you are suppose to upload the same picture too.