Friday, August 14, 2009

The First AG

I've officially abandoned Project 365. I have decide to put in on hold at the moment. Will start updating it once I got the mood to take pictures and update it. :)

Last Wednesday was the first Aiesec Gathering held by UKM.
Many juniors turn up despite the heavy rain. *happy*

This is Meri, our TRP's intern from Finland. She's a very very nice girl but she's leaving soon. :(
Part of the Managing Team with our returning EP, kathy. She just came back from Hungary. She bought some chocolates back from Hungary for us. Unfortunately, she gave it to the 2 big-eaters and they ate it and left no chocolates for us :(

Kathy mama and I. :)
Till then, ta ~


darryl said...

what's project 365 btw? sounds like District 9

iuhnix said...

project 365 means you take a picture a day to summarize ur day. But, you have to continue for a year and make it 365 days.

darryl said...

whoa.. sounds fun but requires discipline.. if not sure cannot succeed.. lol.. all the best to you!