Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of alcohols and country presentation

Had country presentation by the red interns on monday and tuesday.
The main purpose of country presentation is to get to know their country better.
I didnt stay long on the first day but I'm glad that I made it yesterday night.
We had finnish food and drinks (including alcohol). :)
Meri was pouring the finnish drink for all of us. It tasted like chocolate with a little bit of mint and alcohol inside. Not bad though.
Then, ginger biscuit from Finland also.
Meri taught us the traditional finnish dance and Hyun Mi taught us the modern korean dance. It was pretty fun :)
Sharing session (the Canadian style- if I'm not mistaken). The trick is pass the alcohol by using your left hand and you can only hold it with your left hand. After you talk, you can choose to drink or just pass it to the person next to you. After you pass it to the person next to you, both of you need to shout "huaaahh!". But never pass it using your right hand because you will have to drink the whole bottle if you do so. Good news for alcoholic huh ?

We also had a suprise birthday celebration for our intern from Sweden.
And finally the group picture of the interns and the locals.


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