Thursday, September 24, 2009

25- Outing !

Birthday celebration!
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Went out with wye lyng, william and ah mee today !
It was fun as wye lyng made us laugh the whole day.
It has been many months since I last lepak with my friends in Seremban aimlessly. I only meet my friends (you people) when there is yam cha session or birthday celebration. When was the last time we actually go out and have fun together huh ? haha..I dont really remember that. I guess we are all busy with Uni and it is hard to gather everyone together all the time. However today was awesome as nothing go as planned. We even launched Project Kappa! If you have no idea what is project kappa all about, please read "Spot light(zzz) on me! ". The link is at the side bar on the left hand side of this blog. :) I'm William will start to blog about it when he recieve the pictures ;)
And the three of them celebrated my belated birthday with me ! Wye lyng, I heard you asking ah mee whether you should look at the cake at baker's cottage this afternoon! haha..However, I really appreciate it ! :):) i just realized that I've been spending every birthday in karaoke since 18 years old.
The outing was great ! Haven been laughing so much. Should hang out more this coming semester break right ?
There's more tomorrow ! Can't wait to have fun :)
More blog post ?hmmm.hope so ;)

Till then, ta !


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

not to mention,u also have outing in Karaoke only. LOL!

iuhnix said...

eh...we went makan-makan and watched G-Force k ?hahah

Lisa ^^, said...

Awesome. Sorry couldn't make it in the end ! >.<

darryl said...


iuhnix said...

Lisa, we still have chance! ask william :P

Darryl, apa k-queen ?
i am not :(