Saturday, September 19, 2009


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I'm stuck in Seremban.
Staring at my laptop blog-The site which i didnt touch for quite some time since the semester starts.
Sigh..Should I blog about my birthday party ?or should I blog about the food trip ?or should i just write something very random like now ?
I found myself very restless recently. I have no interest in doing everything. for example, my abandoned assignments, keeping in touch with people, get my laundry done and I even switch my phone to silent mode.
"Are you going to use the car later" This was the question asked by my dad over and over again today. However, the answer stays the same no matter how many times I answer it. I'M NOT GOING OUT !
Grrrrr...I told my mom that I'm not going to stay at home tomorrow.
I'm going to be invisible to the internet world for a week.
I need to revive myself through this holiday and feel fresh after the one week break.
I will blog again when I get my mood back. Will I ? hmmm..
Btw, I'm just testing the flickr function and hence explain the unrelated picture up here ;P

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