Sunday, October 25, 2009

32-Me is creative.

Originally uploaded by iuhnix
Lost my hair clip after shower.
M using my clip-sidai-baju(I forgot what do we called it in Eng) as substitute.
Thinking skill really make me think. LoL


Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. Looks kinda stylish actually. Who knows, it could be the next fashion statement !!

iuhnix said...

stylish ? hahaa..hmmm..maybe i should start selling it. ppl will say im crazy if i use that in the exam hall. lol

ryn said...

haha...ppl turn crazy during exam:D i dun even care wad i wear during exam

iuhnix said... malaysia, they will stop you from entering the exam hall. no jeans are allowed. :(