Friday, October 23, 2009


This week is like the re-run of the first week of July09.
So many bad news and unexpected surprise (bad one of course) keep hitting me like tsunami wave. =.=''
I wish that I will feel sad/angry but your beloved friend here doesn't feel anything at all.
I'm officially numb.


kate said...

numb is good. i like numb it makes me zen and i like it.

but how bad is bad?

iuhnix said... like people prepare for their wedding for months already and the bride ran away on the actual day. How's that ? =)

darryl said...

whoa.. means really bad lor.. but not feeling anything is not normal liow.. mm tong you've become a cyborg?

iuhnix said...

cyborg? ei..even cyborg has feelings k? u tak da tengok "Absolute bf" ke ?