Sunday, October 11, 2009

The final farewell for Year 2009

Joined the others for farewell dinner after soul therapy.

It was the farewell for the 5th batch of Red Interns from the HIV/AIDS project.

Had satay Kajang for dinner and karaoke afterthat. I think satay kajang is overrated because it is expensive not not nice at all. I prefer the seremban one. I guess the people who love satay kajang haven't tasted stay in their life before. =)

All of us get hype up when it comes to certain songs and damn we had fun! I've learned from the previous karaoke session with the interns. No excessive screaming and shouting for me this time. I lost my voice for few days last time and I dont want the same thing to happen to me again.
To Arthur ! My first intern for the project. I bet most of you had met him in my birthday party last month right ?He's leaving end of this month already but i'm not sure if I have the chance to say good by since I'm having exam on that day.
Rowena, the 19 years old girl from Hong Kong !
Raisa, the bubbly girl from Indonesia. They told me that she can shop a lot and she can sing like Rihanna and beyonce! Love her voice so much !
And Vike from Indonesia as well. :)

31- 10/10/2009
No matter how far apart we were physically but we are always together. :)
Keep in touch people !
Aug Intern's farewell


ryn said...

oooh...!! i love ur cardi!! give it to me!! rmb to wash 1st,,haha

iuhnix said...

i dah cuci pun. if i remember to bring it home