Saturday, October 10, 2009

Soul therapy-09102009

Soul therapy
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Went Karaoke session with coursemate. Finally, we have the time to hang out together outside UKM.We were dead busy in the beginning of the semester. Rushing 3 lab reports per week and doing AIESEC work at the same time is driving me insane. But, I'm glad that I had strived through it and my time management skill has improved a lot.
I quote Chin Chun: "身体累了,可以用睡眠来补充; 心累了,又能如何??"
This is why the karaoke session was named "soul therapy".


G said...

me need and want soul therapy desperately!

iuhnix said...

go melbourne again !
we will have lots of therapy this dec :)

Lisa ^^, said...

Eh, is that Abby? Mui Hwee? ahaha you know her? Ah, and you know Chin Chin Chun too eh? :)

iuhnix said...

both are my coursemate :)