Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let me fall

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I started my study week last week but damn fail.

I'm doing SPM style for my final exam this semester because I have 10 subjects for final exam. Woohooo..It's not like I'm kiasu and I want to clear my units asap. I was forced to take 10 subjects and I have 4 paper in the first week, 3 paper on the 2nd week and another 3 on the third week. FML

Sis dragged me to karaoke session and sushi bonanza because she need to release her stress last tuesday.

Then, I went back to UKM last wed and thursday.

Awesome food during deepavali. Told you that I celebrate deepavali right ? My friend asked me to join them for MOS 1st Aniversary last fri. My answer was "I'm sorry because I'm celebrating Deepavali" hahaha.. Who can resist the nice food and cakes ?

Mich said that she love my blog because she knows what I'm doing all this while from the updates. But, I don't know what happen to you girl. =P

I agree to what caryn posted recently about the MSN thingy. Can't help but to agree with her. Caryn, I know someone is apprearing offline all these while. hahaha..

I love spending my study week at home because I can watch tv show when I'm bored. And there goes my sunday evening and monday night. =D

I have lots of friend celebrating their birthday this month. Ditched many birthday celebration as well. Oh yeah..Happy 21st birthday May Lyn!

I had miserable conversation today when I call to Indonesia this morning. I doubt if it is mine problem or his level of understanding. It really gets me on my nerves. grrrrrr..

If you guys dont see me updating my blog right, you can read my plurks on the left tab because I update it very often. =)

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pp/s: can I not study today ?let me fall let me fall


darryl said...

HAHA.. same thing happening to me here.. want to study but fail to.. laptop is always in front of me.. no laptop cannot study.. LOL

btw, i feel very jin gak now.. i appear busy but never chat with you.. LOL

iuhnix said...

lol. I always appear away but I never chat with anyone too. ACS punya culture la tu lol

ryn said...

haha..siapa appear offline...must be u lar..

u better study!!! i duwan u to cry to me in dec when we go main!

iuhnix said...

those people who dont appear online in ur frequent list. hahaa..

When are u coming back?
I might be studying in uni when you are back this dec.
nah..you will see my complains over and over again in my blog. LOL