Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The story over the weekend

On friday, I recieved a mail from my intern telling me that there's typhoon in her country now and she couldnt come on sat. AirAsia didn't even announce if they are going to cancel the flight while others airline had already did their job.

On Saturday, she told me that her flight got cancel before I went for exam.
First thing came to my mind was: "Ohh..that means I dont have to go the company on Monday right ?So, should I go back home or stay at uni for next 3 days? "
Then, she told me that her fight had been changed to Sunday by AirAsia after my exam.
Me : " Okay..Now I have to go back home since I still need to go to the company on Monday."

On Sunday, I recieved her text message saying that she was stopped by the Immigration of her country. I called her and talked to her. She told me that they insist of getting an additional documents which will take another week for the process.
I called the company and explained everything to them.
The first thing came to my mind was:" Should I go back on Sunday or Monday? "
After I've decided to go back on Monday,she called me later in the afternoon saying that the Immigration officer is letting her to come on Monday.

I went speechless and came back on Sunday afternoon. I told my friend that it was god's plan to let me have a nice rest for a day."

It was fated that I have to spend few hours on monday on work afterall.


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