Sunday, November 1, 2009

now and then

When I was in highschool especially during exam period, people will go around telling everyone that they didnt study for exam and they had to burn the midnight oil every night.
Some even told me how rajin they were dota-ing the night before exam. They make me feel better because all of us are in the same boat and we are at the same level.(although some of them lied but it is still a beautiful lie =])

In university level, people will tell me how many times they memorize their notes before the exam and had studied 3948329482 rounds for the paper. They will remind mehow lazy I am for not memorizing/studying 3435345times before exam. Worst still, they will update their fb status to remind me that I'm not studying hard enough. They will even ask me question before entering the exam hall to show how smart they are.

I prefer then than now. I'm stress.


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

I likey! All the best lah!!! Be optimistic and score score score!!! XD

iuhnix said...

hahaha..score score score? cakap macam senang je.
p/s:can't wait for project kappa this coming holiday !

ryn said...

man..i do lie awake thinking of the time we used to camp in state library studying.. i miss those days:D

G said...

yes state library 'studying', for me. LOL

nvm, just ignore them. they probably are lying too.

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. True true. I think by now, we all know individually how we study, which way is effective. We know ourselves la. Tak payah orang lain criticize. If I choose to do it this way, I'll bear the consequences myself. No need you to make me feel crappy about it. And before exams, do NOT ask me about anything. All I need from you is a "Jia you jia you !" or "All the best !". DO NOT ask me anything XD