Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YES 2009 Day 1

I'm back ! I'm back!
Do you miss me ? =x
I'm back from Youth Engagement Summit 2009 which was held at PICC. The conference hall was awesome with super cold air condition.
You should have read about it from the newspaper or Astro.

Around 1500 people attended the summit included 500 youths from Southeast Asia.

The thing I love the most is we get to know new friends when we were waiting for the conference to start, when we were lining up for freebies, when we were lining up in the washroom, during coffee breaks and even when we were in the elevator or waiting for the elevator. It was very spontaneous. They are all friendly people and nice to talk with. :)

We talked to everyone we met, exchange name cards and took picture with them before we forgot how they look like. Unfortunately, the pics were not with me. lol

Met some UKMers we had not met before even we studied in the same faculty there and also some UPMers.

Former presenter of CNN and CNBC Lorraine Hahn was our mc in the summit.
The first speaker was Biz Stone, the Co-founder of Twitter.

The second speaker of the day was Dr.Mamphela Ramphele. She talked about morality and it nearly put me to sleep.
And my favourite speaker of the day - Sir Bob Geldoff. My friends and I agreed that we managed to get inputs from him despite the other 3 speakers who spoke on the same day.
The last session was scrabble game between the delegates and Ganesh Asirvatham(world best scrabble player). I'm not sure if you saw the thick scrabble dictionary which consist of 500,000 words before but he memorized 420,000 of them. Amazing right ? But, the game was a bit boring so we took lots of picture in between. Was playing around with the Philipinos' dslr.

Meet Mai, my intern working for the event. She was the one who invited me to the summit.
Yay! and Tasha and Cha cha from Indonesia. The two on your right is my coursemate who attended the summit with me.
Okay..will stop here for the time being.
Will continue soon !
Coming up next: 6 star hotel dinner. <3


William Choo said...

Hey! I wanted to go for YES one you know....Sigh....too bad having exams on that day and STILL going on now.....But anyway, last day tmrw! Weeheeeeeee.......

Since I missed this YES, I'll go for the upcoming YES = Year End Sale! LOL! :P

IuhniX said...

i wanna go to ur version of YES as well. hahaha..when is it ?

darryl said...


IuhniX said...

apa 420k ?