Saturday, November 21, 2009

39-Impromptu trip

It was almost 12 noon.
She told me that she was very boring and I told her there's nothing we can do about it since we were trap in seremban.
Somehow we mentioned about shopping together in this holiday and I told her that I wont be around for a long period.
Then, we have this crazy idea of going to KL an hour later.
It was a crazy plan and we ended up in KL 2 hours later.
We went to Bkt Bintang and I was there one day ago. lol. But, we had fun together. haha..we are the perfect shopping partner I guess. We make each other buy lots of things.
Mua partner in crime. lol
39-Impromptu trip. (20/11/09)
When we were on our way back to the bus stand, we saw people running out of Sg wang and we heard the siren. Noo..they are not running out of the building because there's fire. It is because they want to see what happen outside. sigh..Malaysians. and the rest are happily shopping inside without giving a damn of what is going on outside.
Kai Jia send me a text message saying that she's eating the famous penang cendol and I replied her saying that I just had the famous hokkien mee and ikan bakar. And she called me sakai for that. lol.


Kate said...

yer, i want to eat famous stuff too. really really miss msia. wish i could be there RIGHT NOW!

William Choo said...

Haha!!! Wye lyng is your perfect shopping partner? Hahaha.....well, at least you enjoyed yourself.