Thursday, November 26, 2009

YES 2009 Day 2

It was YES 2009 Day 2.
I personally feel that Day 2 is much better compared to Day 1, especially the list of speaker we have for Day 2.
We arrived at PICC earlier as usual. Well, since its day 2 and we already make friends on the first day. So, we catch up with some of them before the conference starts. Meet Shahab from NUS and Jenny from Sg as well.
The guy in red is very funny. He was asking my coursemate to be his pet sister. and the way he act is cute ? hahaaa..hmmm..I dont know how to put it in words actually. He's only 18.
Garry Kasparov- World youngest chess champion. I wish he talk about something like how he see life as a chess game.
Randi Zuckerberg- Marketing director of She's very charismatic I think.
There's one girl who ask her if fb is going to take any action since so many people are against the New feed and Live feed feature. I quote her "Will you remove something that you had been working on for 2 years just because the others don't like it? " LOL. I think people hate change and they are complaining because they dont like to adapt to new things.
Donald Trump was my favourite speaker because he talked about what we want to know. Everyone love him I guess. I quote him "When someone screw you, screw them back !" And he said dont force yourself to be an entrepreneur because not all people can work on their own. Some people work best when they work for people.
Nando Parrado- Andes plane crash survivor. He talked about how he survive 72 days in the icy mountain without proper food and drinks.
yours truly
Conference mates !
And day two ended with pillow talk with a few friends.
Ohhhh..that's the handcraft from Myanmar.
Do you know that they dont have surname ? They just combine 3 random words together and that's their name. They dont have family name in Myanmar. The major population are the Burmese and they have 7 main etnics and 130 sub-etnics. Awesome right ?


Hao Tim said...

awesome awesome awesome!

darryl said...

i see a bright 未来的主人翁!

William Choo said...

Oh damn it lah! You make me feel so jealous!!! I soooo soooooo wanna go....stupid exams! Hmph!

Btw, that chess guy, he looked like Choon Siong at 1st glismp!! Don't you think?

IuhniX said...

lol.It was fun!
hmmm..he doesnt look like him in real person.maybe a lil bit.must ask cs 1st