Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The awesome dinner.

What I remember was we were on the bus waiting for it to move so that we can get back to our room and get some nice food to fill our empty stomach.
I've talked to a few Thai and we were planning where to go for dinner after that.
No, the plans didn't work when Audrone show up and todl us that we were the lucky ones because they are letting us to have dinner at PICC. I guess there's too many empty tables left.

We were looking for new friends to sit with until we spot a empty table with 2 Vietanmese there. We greeted them and made some little chats. Then, we found that we were the only 5 people at the table. There's 5 empty seats left. haahaa.. The good thing is we can have all the food to ourselves and the bad thing is there will be so many leftover.
Take a look at the menu :)
Our first dish. Yummy*
We couldn't finish the shark fin soup because we were quite full after the first dish.
In the end, there's 5 bloated people who can't take anymore food.
The guy next to me came out with the idea of introducing us to his friends as Vietnamese after the dinner because he said we look like Vietnam chinese and we went. And the guy actually talk to us in vietnamese language the next day. LOL. My friend was mistaken as a vietnamese when people guess her nationality. I'm happy as I manage to keep my identity as a Malaysian. lol. They took my another friend is from Thailand. It's fun when you ask people to guess your nationality because we look almost the same.
Random facts about Vietname: Autumn is the hot season for wedding. Everyone get married in Autumn because the weather is the best. Hanoi has 4 season but Ho Chi Minh has only 2 season like Malaysia. It's amazing right ?


William Choo said...

OMG! Did you get to eat for free??? Damn! Those food looks GREAT!!! You are making me hungry already!

IuhniX said...

yeah. for free of course. hahaa..If I pay for it, it will be damn expensive