Thursday, December 31, 2009


I remember celebrating new year of year 09 with ah mee, jia and chan at jia's place.
It was a simple celebration.
And now I'm standing at the end of year 09 looking back what exactly happened for the past one year.
Year 09 have been an exciting year for me as I've done so much and met a lot of inspirational people which motivated me to do more. There was ups and downs for sure and I lost myself some way in the middle but I manage to pull through everything. I want to do more in year 2010 but one's strength doesn't match one's ambition. I decide to be low profile in the 2nd half of year 2010 and lay back to enjoy what's a uni student suppose to do. :)

A little flashback of what happened.

  • Joined EYLN as OC and was motivated to apply for more position.

  • Met few friends from all around the world.

  • Met a lot of inspiring people!

  • Suffered 3 labs report submission per week.

  • Went to YES 2009.
  • Neglected a few important things.
  • Been very good in managing my time.
  • Discovered different side of me.

It was indeed a great year and I'm looking forward to Year 2010!

Hmmmm..I shall think of my new year resolution :)

Enjoy your new year partay and shall see you when I see you !

Happy new year to all of you as well !

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